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I get that Regina’s being punished for her past as the Evil Queen, but what did the Evil Regals do to get their happy ending taken away?

Nope I won’t rant about the lack of Regina so far. No, I won’t. Not again after last Sunday. And the Sunday before. Nope I won’t rant.

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We need a Regina-centric episode soon!




[A/N: Okay so I just had this idea of an explosion taking Regina and Roland, and I just had to write it. Outlaw Queen, Captain Cobra, and Regal Believer]

There’s an explosion. Robin stares helplessly at the flames licking at the top of the office building, smoke rising higher, billowing all the way to the heavens. Marian’s hand brushes against his arm and he falls to his knees. His hands thrust in the dirt, digging, anchoring himself to something- anything. The screams that fill the air, suffocating, the cries of a mother who just watched the building holding her son erupt with flames. He shakes with sobs, the screams rippling through the air. Tears burn paths down the planes of his face, this is not happening. She can’t be dead, Roland- a moan falls out of him and he collapses completely, bending over himself. His forehead pressed against the earthy ground as he sobs, but his sobs are not the only ones.

“MOM!” Henry screams running forward towards the burning building. “MOM!” Killian reaches out and his hook grabs the lad’s arm and pulls him back. Emma stares in horror, by her parents. She moves slowly, forcing her feet to move, as she walks towards where Killian is holding her son. “Let me go!” Henry pounds his fists against Killian’s chest as he holds the boy to his chest. Tears cloud his vision and all he can see are colorful blobs through the tears. “Mommy,” he whispers. “I have to go! My mom’s- my mom….” He trails off, sobbing into Killian’s chest. The pirate wraps his arms firmly around the boy, resting his chin a top his head.

“I know, lad,” he murmurs over and over again, because he does know. He too has lost people abruptly and without warning.

“We have to do something!” Tink screams in a fury. She is red, bubbling with emotion, anger, uncontrollable pain, and self hatred because her last words to her friend had been wicked and vehement. Snow walks over to Tink and places her hands on her arms, tears slipping silently from her eyes, she can’t even force a smile on her face for the fairy. Tink stares desperately at Snow, “Please! It just can’t end like this? She just can’t be gone! Pleaseee!” Tink’s lips quivers and she loses her self control, sobs wrecking through her. “I told her she was a villain! I told her she would never change! I told her she would never find her happy ending if she-” Tink screams a high pitched wail of frustration and Robin seconds it. Frustration because the universe has fucked you and the feeling of not being able to change it, not being able to hit the undo button, the feeling of knowing all you can do is watch your world unravel before you- it fucking sucks.

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“No! No, don’t hurt him! Stop!” Regina’s throat stings with…

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